What Cybernation is all about and what will you do there (a general game description)

Alex Trofimov
05/09/2018 at 02:22

Cybernation online is a space exploration game. The story takes place in another universe, where carbon-based life does not exist. The player’s avatar is a virtual synthetic mind in a complex anthropomorphic robot called bathyscaphe (because from the point of view of the Synthets it’s a vehicle for diving from the virtual world into the real one). Bathyscaphes build and control more primitive and crude bots, that, unlike scaphes, don’t have consciousness of their own. Synthets are capable of controlling only up to 4 bots at a time, sometimes entering the battle themselves (so your army consists of 5 units maximum).

Players start with only their scaph, then earn money to get their own ship, construct a «deck» of bots of various design, best suited for specific situations.

Ships travel between star systems through hyperspace gates, so to get from the faction capitals to the unexplored sectors you will have to through a series of gates and star systems. While your ship goes down the route you planned, you can move your scaph and bots around the ship, repair your army, design new builds or print some bot-parts. Other players can ambush you, and you’ll have to fight on your ship. It will be helpful if you have some turrets or traps installed.

The farther you go from the faction capitals, the more likely you are to find a planet no one has set foot before. There you can land, mine resources or build your base, which is needed for producing and storing bots and ship parts, data mining using your server farms and so on.

You can also get resources on planets near the capitals, but there are a lot of players competing for them. So every mining operation is a literal fight for precious metals and minerals which are then used for building bots, ships and bases.
Hacking into systems in order to gain access or information plays an essential role working towards your success. The more you know about your opponent, the bigger an advantage you have. If you see what modules their bots have and where they are placed, you can quickly destroy the most dangerous ones.

But outside of battles, gaining data matters even more: the whereabouts of the rival clan’s ships, factories, bases and main forces, poorly protected trade routes, pirate harbors, location of rare minerals, important NPCs (even questgivers don’t stand in one place with a marker above their heads, they can travel, even hiding sometimes) or even shops with the best prices – all of this is vital info that you can use for your own gain or sell to others.

No items, bots or scaphs can teleport across the galaxy instantaneously – every cargo has to be delivered by a ship, and it’s a huge business opportunity for players. Even if you mail some bot parts to a friend – a post office must send their own ship or hire a player to deliver them. Government (the institution, not run by players) will also hire players and their clans/companies in order to hunt down pirates, hackers and other criminals while also giving contracts for mining specific minerals or mass-producing items (it’s a replacement for daily quests in a way).

The game will focus on delegating as much as possible to the actual players, minimizing the NPC or mob involvement. The role of the game is to create a system that connects the players and engages them in different contexts and narratives. If there’s a role or a profession in this world, why fill it with an NPC when you can create a scenario in which players could carry out said role for money, experience, rare items, valuable data, reputation and the mere fun of it? It is the same idea that drives our shared quests concept.

It’s how we envision Cybernation at this moment. A lot can change in the process, but that’s the idea so far. More on the combat system, infowars and shared quests concepts can be found in the previous dev blog posts.
Vijay kumar shinde
08/08/2018 at 10:34
Hello sir i am interested this game
Alex Trofimov
08/08/2018 at 13:31
Vijay kumar shinde
Hello sir i am interested this game
Hi! It's really cool that you are. Thanks for posting. We will try to keep you up to date with the development, don't forget to apply for alpha and beta)
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